At Mer, we want to help fleet managers make the switch to electromobility as quickly and efficiently as possible through simple solutions. With our scalable solutions and our many years of experience, we guarantee you a reliable and promising implementation that fits your requirements exactly.

Our service for fleet managers

  • From our first talk to the planning and installation of the charging stations: We check your situation on site and accompany you through the entire process. If you have not yet dealt intensively with the topic of electromobility, we will answer all your questions and show you best-practice examples.
  • Where should employees charge their cars? And what happens when all the electric vehicles are charging at the same time? You don’t have to worry about these questions: With intelligent charging solutions, we enable every employee to charge reliably at the company site, in their own garage, or conveniently on the road.
  • Thanks to a monthly fixed price, the costs remain transparent and plannable for you. All your employees need are our Mer charging card and the corresponding app. All drivers receive an individual charging card with the corresponding authorization. 
  • Our motto is “We are the ones doing it.” In concrete terms, this means that we take care of all the important tasks: Planning, installation of the charging stations, service, fault clearance management, maintenance, and monthly billing. You also receive regular reports on how often a vehicle charges at specific charging points. 

Electromobility for company vehicle fleets

Many companies have set themselves the goal of reducing the CO2 emissions of their fleets. However, the switch to electromobility for environmental reasons only makes sense if no CO2 is emitted during power generation and if the electricity comes from renewable sources. That’s why we rely on wind and hydropower as well as generation-oriented solutions, meaning: When the electricity consumption drops in the evening and night hours and the energy from wind and hydroelectric power remains unused, we use it to charge electric cars. 

Let’s protect the planet sustainably – with simple and straightforward fleet logistics that perfectly suit your company. We will guide you step by step through the entire process.  .  

With us, all beginnings are easy: Convert your fleet to “electric”.

Now it’s your turn!