Today, companies are faced with the challenge of realizing the energy and transport revolution. Mer’s vision is that customers everywhere can charge their electric vehicles with 100 percent green electricity. In this way, companies reduce their ecological footprint and convert their vehicle fleet to electrified drives individually and cost-efficiently. As a leading provider of charging solutions, Mer not only provides fleet customers but also end consumers with the complete charging infrastructure for operating electric and hybrid vehicles. With a public charging network of more than 20,000 charging stations operated by Mer and access to over 310,000 charging points in Europe, both corporate and private customers can rely on Mer. Services include planning, hardware, installation, and operation of the charging stations, as well as the provision of services via its own APPs and portals – and all this with the backing of Statkraft, the largest producer of renewable energy in Europe. This is how Mer is going down the path of true mobility and energy transition.

Fleet Charging Solutions

Since 2015, Mer Germany has been providing holistic solutions for companies in the electrification of company car fleets. With its expertise in grid-optimized charging, Mer Solutions also enables rapid expansion of electromobility without expensive grid expansion and more efficient use of renewable energies.

Charging infrastructure solutions

Mer Germany has a scalable, interlocking modular portfolio for electromobility. Mer Germany’s services include project planning and operation of public and semi-public charging infrastructure as well as the design and implementation of EV concepts such as individual mobility and sharing models for companies, municipalities or public utilities.

More e-mobility for all
This is Mer

No matter what requirements you have for electromobility as a fleet manager, facility manager, municipality, municipal utility, housing industry or company: We determine exactly the solution that suits you based on your individual requirements.

fleetsolutions  Charging infrastructure solutions 

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+ 310.000

Access to charging points throughout Europe

of which 95.000 in Germany

+ 25.000

Own charging stations


We are sustainable

Every day, we strive to grow our business in a sustainable way,
In doing so, we consider our impact on people, the environment and our society.

This also means that we value togetherness and focus on creating a safe and inclusive environment that promotes trust, transparency and equality through open communication.


We are passionate

We are passionate about what we do and we value a curious mindset and want to grow and learn from mistakes.

We believe in bringing fun and positivity to our colleagues and delighting customers by embracing change and always striving to improve from the lessons we learn.


We are entrepreneurial

We value our creativity and our ability to work together to create and build a sustainable, powerful and successful business.

We reward curiosity and new ideas, but also focus on delivering on our promise – to develop customer-centric solutions.