Infrastructure as a service

Infrastructure as a service

More Future, More Service, More Comfort


Anyone involved in charging electric vehicles quickly realizes that a socket and a cable alone are not enough; technical project planning, hardware selection, load and charge management, billing, roaming, calibration law, error analysis, support … So that you don’t have to think about a thousand things when setting up and operating your charging infrastructure, we at Mer have developed solutions that make it easy for you to work with.

What is Infrastrucutre as a service?


Infrastructure as a service is the perfect meshing of a portfolio of proven charging stations and ten years of experience in operating charging infrastructure. We enable you to offer your customers or citizens access to future-proof and reliable charging infrastructure. Put together your desired package of hardware and operation – Mer will realize it.

South Tyrol and Lower Bavaria are not only close geographically and culturally - alpitronic and Mer have enjoyed a close business relationship for many years. For example, the first hypercharger in Germany was set up by Mer in Straubing in 2018. Whether at Tank & Rast on the German highway or McDonald's Austria restaurants - alpitronics hypercharger is the perfect fast charging solution.

You do not want to deal with topics such as user control, fault clearance or firmware updates? Choose from various operating modes the extent to which you want us, as an experienced charge point operator, to operate your charging infrastructure. From the simple operating model to the all-round carefree package.

Mer Full Service Operation

You can’t decide or don’t want to think about different variants of the operation? Then choose Mer Full Service Operation and enjoy all the advantages of the individual variants in one all-round carefree package.

Optional: Mer Self-Service-Portal access

Keep an overview with the Mer Self-Service Portal Access

  • Transparent visualization of all your own charging stations
  • Analysis & evaluation of charging processes

Optional: Mer THG quota

Mer Germany as quota filler bundles and trades the quotas

  • With bundled trading volume Mer Germany achieves best prices on the quota markets
  • No effort for customers
  • Additional and constant refund per kWh

Optional: Mer Load management

You only have limited power available for your charging stations? Load management is the solution.

  • Power control of the charging points using an intelligent internal or external load management system.
  • Integration of different generators and consumers
  • Avoidance of load peaks through intelligent distribution of available charging power