Electric for everyone

When your company’s vehicle fleet gets converted to “electric”, you as facility manager are faced with a major challenge. Until now, employees went to the gas station – now the charging station is located on the company premises. At Mer, we offer you holistic solutions to ensure that this changeover runs smoothly.

From medium-sized family businesses to major international corporations: more and more companies are providing their employees with electric company vehicles. This has numerous advantages, because in addition to the contribution to climate protection, the fuel and maintenance costs as well as the charges for vehicle taxes and insurance are reduced.

Are you a facility manager looking for a simple solution for your vehicle fleet – at the lowest possible cost level? Then you’ve come to the right place, because we can help you with the complete planning, coordination and implementation. At Mer, we use our planet’s natural resources responsibly and rely on wind and water power. Our wission: we believe that a future power supply with 100 percent green electricity is possible.


New requirements for facility managers

If you have not yet had any experience with electromobility, there are probably still some uncertainties: What do you have to consider in the planning? Who will take care of the installation of the charging stations and how can the charging quantities be controlled?

At Mer, we offer you a scalable solution with eeCharging that can be easily expanded as the number of employees grows. Drivers only need an access card and our app – that’s it. The switch to electric mobility should feel good for the employees and for you as a facility manager – now and tomorrow. That’s why we relieve you of as many tasks as possible and accompany you through the entire process. Our experts look at the facility on site and clarify the following questions with you, among others:

  • Which charging solutions are best suited for your location? Whether wallboxes or fast chargers, we will help you decide and install the hardware on request.
  • How can all employees charge their e-cars without overloading the power grid? Learn more about our intelligent load management and the optimal distribution of charging quantities.
  • How do you keep track of so many employees? Each driver receives an access card with the appropriate authorization, and there are also charging cards for visitors.
  • How does the billing process work? With us, you have full cost transparency through monthly invoices at a fixed price and regular reporting.
  • Who takes care of the technical operation? From telephone service to fault clearance management: we do the work for you and are always available.

Together we can reduce our impact on the environment and sustainably protect our blue planet. Let us work out a good solution that is technically straightforward and works reliably from day one. That is our motto at Mer: Simple. Blue. Good.

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