More possibilities: Discover all the advantages of electromobility for your company

Electromobility is more than just a new technology in the transport sector. It is a commitment to the future. Why? Because it plays a key role in a successful energy and mobility transition.

By committing to electromobility, companies and businesses not only position themselves in a rapidly growing market, they also show their employees and customers that they are prepared to do the right thing. In the end, it is not only our planet that benefits, but also each company itself.

More advantages:

  • By electrifying their company car fleet, companies not only save CO2, they also reduce operating costs by converting their vehicle fleet – not least thanks to state subsidies.
  • Businesses increase the attractiveness of their location by means of charging infrastructure. They tap into new target groups and improve the quality of quality of stay for their customers.
  • Companies gain arguments in favour of sustainably oriented skilled workers.
  • Businesses win over sustainably oriented customers.

For every mobility need – electrification of company car fleets or the installation of public charging infrastructure – Mer presents suitable, individually scalable solutions, always powered by 100% green electricity.

Now it’s your turn!