The mission of Mer

Mer’s mission is to make electromobility easy and accessible for everyone.
With the start of the roll-out of the Plug & Charge function at the end of 2023 in Germany at all hyperchargers, Mer is a good step closer to fulfilling its mission.

What is Plug & Charge?

The function, which is based on the DIN EN ISO 15118 standard, enables drivers of electric cars to enjoy a convenient charging experience. As the name suggests, Plug & Charge reduces the charging process to connecting the vehicle to the charging station. The authentication of the user at the charging station, the authorization of the charging process and the billing of the charging process – everything works fully automatically.

How does Plug & Charge work?

By means of an encrypted exchange of certificates between the vehicle (OEM), the driver’s charging service provider (MSP) and Mer as charging station operator (CPO), and within the framework of a public key infrastructure (PKI), an ecosystem is created that enables the intuitive charging experience.

Experience Mer

If you want to learn more about the parties involved and Plug & Charge, here is the press release on the occasion of the presentation of Plug & Charge at ICNC’23 in Berlin.

When will Plug & Charge be available?

Mer, as a charging station operator (CPO), will start the roll-out of the Plug & Charge function at the end of 2023. In the first step, all hyperchargers from alpitronic in Mer’s public German charging network will be equipped with the new function.
To use Plug & Charge, both your vehicle and your charging service provider (MSP) must support Plug & Charge. You can obtain this information from the manufacturer of your electric vehicle and your charging service provider.


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