Home feeling

Although the basic equipment in single apartments, shared apartments and maisonettes is always the same, living preferences vary from country to country. While in Germany the toilet is usually located in the bathroom, in Austria there is usually a separate room for it. This is even stipulated by law: If there are more than two common rooms, at least one toilet must be located in a separate room. In the kitchen, preferences for dishwashers in particular vary. A study by Wimdu showed that only 25 percent of the city apartments on offer in Italy have a dishwasher. Among Swiss apartments, the figure was 54 percent, and among Danes, a full 78 percent.

How many rooms does one need per person? According to Eurostat, a person in Malta has on average twice as many rooms as in Romania (2.2 rooms and 1.1 rooms respectively). Opinions differ on the question of "apartment or house?" Latvia has the most apartment dwellers at 60 percent, while Germany is in the middle at 56 percent. In Ireland, living in an apartment is the exception rather than the rule, with nine out of ten people living in a house. Regardless of this, the feeling of home comes from things that seem quite normal in everyday life: the soft pillow, the favorite cup in the cupboard and the familiar smell when you enter.

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