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How does eeFlat feel in daily life? And what can you do with it? We accompany a company car driver on a mind trip through her everyday working life.



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Mer Solutions GmbH


Mer Solutions GmbH

"I work for a large German company and drive to our production sites or to external customers several times a month. Like most of my colleagues, I spend a lot of my time in the car. I have always loved driving and enjoy working in sales. I've been driving electric for about a year now, and I've gotten used to not having to drive to the gas station. It was actually unusual at first, although everything is much easier now. The wallbox in my garage ensures that my car practically charges itself overnight. This electricity is billed separately from the house electricity and has nothing to do with my family's own consumption.

In addition to my own wallbox and the 118,000 public charging points in Europe, I could theoretically also charge at our company site, but I'm on site no more than once a quarter. I usually drive to the production site or to the customer in the morning and back again in the evening. My 400-kilometer range gets me pretty far, but occasionally I stop at a fast charger on the highway along the way. My Mer app always shows me where the next charging station is.

I had to get used to charging a bit at the beginning: You take more frequent breaks on long journeys than with the petrol engine. But I don't mind, quite the opposite: when I continue driving after 30 minutes, I'm more relaxed, more concentrated and arrive home safely. Occasionally, I also use such stops to call my customers or talk about the meeting from the morning.

Payment at the charging station is very straightforward with my Mer charging card and requires neither cash nor my own credit cards. It works like a flat rate and is based on the term and range of the vehicle: My company lease, for example, is designed for 30,000 kilometres a year, and the fixed price that my employer pays to Mer each month is also based on this. I have nothing to do with these processes in the background; I just get into my electric car and drive off. Actually, I don't have to worry about anything, because Mer also takes care of the installation and maintenance of my wallbox and handles the billing with my employer.

The switch to electric has worked really well. After a year, I'm still pleased with the pleasant driving experience - the car is much quieter on the motorway. But the crucial difference is in the CO2 emissions, which now effectively no longer exist. I get into the car in the morning with a clear conscience that I am moving forward with energy from wind and water power. With my mileage, it makes a huge difference and I'm glad I can do something for the planet. With zero emissions and zero hassle, either for me or my employer. Switching to electric was as easy as can be for all of us - you just have to do it."

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