The a-ha effect - electrically against the current

With a creative idea, the Norwegian band a-ha already caused more(h)r in the 90s.



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"Hey, driver, where we going?" asks the Norwegian band a-ha in their song "The Living Daylights". It's exciting that this question comes from the pop giants of all people, because in 1995 they were the ones who set the direction: Together with the environmental collective Ballona, they imported an electrically powered Fiat Panda and drove it through Oslo with a lot of media attention.


They refused to pay the expensive road toll, parked all over the place and instead of paying the fines for it, the iconic car was auctioned off to pay off the debt. The global stars thus put the Norwegian government on the spot to subsidize and exempt electric-powered cars from tolls in order to accelerate the traffic turnaround. The fact that pop culture turned an entire nation into a pioneer of electric transportation is still considered a prime example of the traction of creative ideas. By 2020, the share of new e-cars sold in Norway was over 50 percent.

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