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The bad news first: the "new" twenties will probably not be a loose and easy walk. The opposite is the case. Can we cope with the crises and challenges that lie ahead?



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Mer Solutions GmbH


Mer Solutions GmbH

According to experts, there will be many: ecological, economic, societal. Sounds dramatic, but it is. Now for the good news: We can do hard things. Even if they seem daunting and discouraging at first glance. Society proves again and again that they exist: the courageous, the consistent, the visionary. And above all, the community that can move a lot.

To do this, we must dare to rethink concepts, to use narratives other than those that have so far failed to take us forward, or to keep us stuck in structures that were contemporary 50 years ago. Sustainability must be redefined - namely in such a way that it delivers what it promises. However, this also means that we have to change our everyday lives - from the way we work to the way we consume.

But where to start? Perhaps with purpose, without which we humans quickly become sluggish. Purely financial profit is not enough to help shape a world that will meet the demands of tomorrow. The overriding purpose of a company can take various directions - from social justice to sustainability to more diversity. It is good and important that companies in 2021 ask themselves why they exist and what kind of change they want to contribute to, because this will also enable individuals to see meaning in their work and thus release potential that can be important for society and the economy. It makes sense to align the purpose of a company with the construction sites we have ahead of us in society as a whole - and sustainable, environmentally friendly change in our everyday lives is one of them. We know we have what it takes, entrepreneurs and activists across the country prove to us every day that the purpose of protecting our environment is crystal clear on the table in front of us, and that visionary ideas can work. However, now is the time to stop distracting ourselves from taking action with shallow diversionary tactics.

What stands out: Those who are successful are those who rethink the entire corporate structure, who distance themselves from hierarchies and instead give their employees full personal responsibility, give them leeway for individual design and ensure full transparency without keeping them from the actual work with daily bureaucratic hurdles. The radical step of building the entire system differently and breaking out of familiar patterns is what really inspires. This includes startups dedicated to accountability ownership, like Unicorn or Ecosia, for example. Einhorn produces hygiene and contraceptive items using the "Fairstainable" principle. This means that their claims range from fair wages throughout the supply chain to the lowest possible CO2-emissions in production. Ecosia, on the other hand, is considered the sustainable Google and plants trees when a certain number of searches are made via ecosia.org.

And yes, even in supposedly superficial social media there are people who initiate change: Madeleine Darya Alizadeh (@dariadaria), for example, who repeatedly calls on her followers to look behind the facade of brands and their consumption and ask themselves how they themselves can make a contribution. These are the ones who are doing it - who are taking us forward socially step by step, acting courageously and thus creating a future from which we can all benefit.

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