More(h)r charging options: Easy charging - in the Mer charging network

Making charging as easy as possible - anywhere, anytime. That is Mer's claim. For this reason, we provide the mobilists of the future with completely different options for using the Mer charging network in public spaces - always tailored to their charging needs and requirements.

Your access points to the Mer charging network:

Your access points to the Mer charging network:

A smartphone and the Mer-ConnectME app are all you need to charge in the future. With the Mer-ConnectME app, the mobilists of the future move through the entire Mer charging network. Simple and intuitive. The app navigates the driver to the next free charging station, takes care of the authentication at the station as well as the entire control of the charging process - from start to finish. With the Mer ConnectME app, the driver also always has an overview of the billing for the charging process - depending on the subscription.

The Mer-chargeMe subscription provides drivers with AC and DC charging, as well as high-power charging (HPC), at affordable rates that are matched to performance. 

Mer ConnectME app

Experience electromobility in the Mer charging network. Navigate to the nearest charging station, charge your car and process your payment. Mer - Simple. Blue. Good.

Mer calculates the consumption according to kWh and the occupancy (blocking fee) of a charging station based on a unit of time. All prices include VAT.

1 Prices may vary depending on location. You can find more details under or in the Mer ConnectME app. Simply click on the desired charging station to see if the Mer-chargeME tariff is available there.

2 Blocking fee: For the time that the car is still connected to the charging station but is no longer charging. No blocking fee is charged for the duration of the goodwill period, even if the car is no longer charging.

Mer AdHoc - Shop without contract

The right offer for long-distance and spontaneous travellers: With Mer AdHoc charging, drivers can also use the Mer charging network without a fixed subscription. All they have to do at the charging station is scan the QR code, enter their personal data and select the payment method.

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