Carefree driving off - Feeling good for now and tomorrow

At Mer, we want to make electric mobility accessible to everyone, in line with our motto "electric for everyone". That's why we make the switch as easy as can be for you as a driver. Charge your vehicle conveniently at home, on the road or at your employer's premises. The future where you need it. Security where you want it. We show you how it works.  

Do you want to drive to work in the morning with a good feeling? As an electric driver, you make a contribution to climate and environmental protection every day. The vehicle glides almost silently along the road - without exhaust or fumes. In addition to a clear conscience, you also benefit from financial advantages such as tax reductions and subsidies from the state.

At Mer, we want to continue driving this change, which is why we have developed an uncomplicated solution for company car drivers that is suitable for everyday use. Charge your vehicle conveniently at home, at the company site or at over 170,000 public charging stations.

  • After registration you can drive straight off. All you need is our Mer app and charging card. We take care of the installation of the wallbox in your garage and everything else (e.g. maintenance, service and fault clearance management).
  • On average, you drive about 20 kilometres per day as a company car driver. Charging at home or at the company site is therefore normally sufficient. Also for longer distances you are optimally equipped, because with our app you can always find the nearest fast charger on the road.
  • Monthly billing is done through your company's cost center or yourself. Everything is in the monthly fixed price also include the charging processes in your garage. A secondary meter bills the electricity costs separately from private electricity consumption.
  • By the way: Our smart solution eeDrive is not only available for your company car, but also for your own vehicle. The only requirement is that your company has a contract with Mer.

Learn more about our holistic solutions and talk to us. At Mer we rely on clean green electricity from wind and water power. Our mission is to reduce the burden on the environment through sustainable individual transport. Become a part of this mission and let's protect the planet together.

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