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With eeFlatNeo, we enable our customers to charge their electric vehicles anywhere: directly at the company site, on the road at 118,000 charging points across Europe or in their own garage after work.



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Mer Solutions GmbH


Mer Solutions GmbH

People who come home from work in the evening simply want to park their electric vehicle and enjoy the evening after work - and drive to their customer appointment the next morning with a fully charged car. At this point, we at Mer ask: Why don't we charge our electric cars during the night hours? Why should the car charge in the early evening, when bright lights are on in homes, when people are cooking and watching TV? Between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m., the power grids are running at full speed anyway.

For this reason, we have developed eeFlatNeo: The electric car in the garage goes on the grid between 10pm and 5am. Why? Because the (sleeping) drivers don't care when the car charges after work - all that matters is getting going the next morning. That's why we look for those nighttime hours when wind and hydroelectric power plants produce surplus energy. We manage to do this with smart meter gateways - which are located in the in-house wallbox - to the exact quarter of an hour. With this grid-optimized charging process, we are creating the optimal conditions for the near future, when hundreds of thousands of electric cars will be connected to the grid.  

This gives our drivers the good conscience of driving to their appointment the next morning with clean green electricity. With eeFlatNeo, we all make our contribution by getting used to the fact that an electric car does not always have to be 100 percent charged. Disadvantages? There are none! If you receive a spontaneous invitation in the evening and only have 10 percent left, you can simply deactivate the Neo function in the Mer app and "power charge" the car.  

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