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At Mer, we want to make electromobility an easy and practical part of everyday life, even over longer distances. When the car is parked in a public parking or rest area, it should charge as quickly as possible. This can be done easily with the Hypercharger.



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Mer Solutions GmbH


Mer Solutions GmbH

The charging infrastructure for electric cars is improving day by day - and this is extremely important so that even more fleet managers and private individuals decide to make the switch. At Mer, one of the things we're doing is installing fast-charging stations at highways and rest stops so that our drivers can charge at record speed on longer trips. Since 2021, for example, we have been installing Alpitronic's Hypercharger at McDonald's Austria car parks and at Tank & Rast service stations.

This fast charger lays the foundation for our success, as it can fully charge an electric car within 30 minutes. There is a small (up to 150 kW) and a large housing size (up to 300 kW) that can be equipped with 75 kW modules. Basically, the charging station can be equipped with max. 2 DC cables and 1 AC for the small housing. The large housing can be equipped with up to 3 DC cables and 1 AC. In parallel, 2 DC and 1 AC cables can be used with 2 power modules or more. In addition, there are also charging stations with a low screen for people with disabilities.

At Mer, we are one of the few distributors in Germany and were the first to install the Hypercharger in this country in 2018. We are working every day to increase the number of fast chargers, because the more charging stations there are at parking and service areas, the weaker the argument of the "lack of range" of e-cars becomes. The new electric models have ranges of up to 500 kilometres - so drivers no longer have to worry about getting to their destination. And with the fast-charging stations we're installing across Europe, that excuse is finally a thing of the past. It's time to make the switch.

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Take a picture and send the data directly to us via an app - with our new digital PreCheck at Mer, drivers have been able to document the installation environment very easily with their smartphone since April 2022.

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