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Air transport has great ecological potential and will probably be a completely different business in ten years' time.



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Mer Solutions GmbH


Mer Solutions GmbH

It is time to rethink air travel: studies by the German Aerospace Center suggest that up to 9.4 billion passengers will be traveling by air in 2040 - in 2016, the figure was around 4 billion. The industry has recognized that air travel holds great ecological potential: Numerous projects on alternative drives in aviation are already delivering promising results today, and in around ten years' time air travel will be a completely different business.

In Norway, for example, Rolls-Royce, the aircraft designer Tecnam and the airline Widerøe have joined forces to develop e-aviation with the aim of enabling zero-emission domestic flights with the P-Volt passenger aircraft by 2026. Norway is thus a pioneer and, due to geographic conditions, predestined for the use of the first electric aircraft on short routes. But this is just the beginning: NASA, Tesla, Airbus and numerous start-ups are simultaneously researching future-proof solutions for sustainable, emission-free air traffic.

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As Managing Director of Mer, Otto Loserth is involved in all areas of the company. In this interview, he shares his opinion on the charging infrastructure in Germany and talks about changes coming to the automotive industry in the next decades.

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At Mer, we want to make electromobility an easy and practical part of everyday life, even over longer distances. When the car is parked in a public parking or rest area, it should charge as quickly as possible. This can be done easily with the Hypercharger.

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There are more than a billion passenger cars in the world and forecasts show the curve going steeply upwards in the next few years. This has devastating consequences: In addition to dependence on fossil fuels, traffic-related CO2 emissions are harming our planet - not to mention the pollution and noise in larger cities.

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6 billion - that something turns

According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, there will be more than 365,000 electric cars in Germany in 2021. By comparison, there were around 2,300 electric cars in 2011. This massive increase requires an expansion of the charging infrastructure.

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