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Air transport has great ecological potential and will probably be a completely different business in ten years' time.



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Mer Solutions GmbH


Mer Solutions GmbH

It is time to rethink air travel: studies by the German Aerospace Center suggest that up to 9.4 billion passengers will be traveling by air in 2040 - in 2016, the figure was around 4 billion. The industry has recognized that air travel holds great ecological potential: Numerous projects on alternative drives in aviation are already delivering promising results today, and in around ten years' time air travel will be a completely different business.

In Norway, for example, Rolls-Royce, the aircraft designer Tecnam and the airline Widerøe have joined forces to develop e-aviation with the aim of enabling zero-emission domestic flights with the P-Volt passenger aircraft by 2026. Norway is thus a pioneer and, due to geographic conditions, predestined for the use of the first electric aircraft on short routes. But this is just the beginning: NASA, Tesla, Airbus and numerous start-ups are simultaneously researching future-proof solutions for sustainable, emission-free air traffic.

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