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In the next few years, electric vehicles will become the norm in the transport sector. But the nearest charging point is not always in the immediate vicinity - which is why we are now offering a new solution for multi-party buildings.



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Mer Solutions GmbH


Mer Solutions GmbH

New data from the German Federal Statistical Office show that the trend in construction is clearly moving in the direction of apartment buildings. But if you live in an apartment building and drive an electric vehicle, you don't always have free access to a charging point. What to do if the nearest charging point on the sidewalk is already occupied? Wouldn't it be better if residents could charge their electric car conveniently in their own parking space in the underground garage?  

We developed our new eeApartment product with this in mind, because the complete charging infrastructure is installed in the apartment building's underground garage. A separate electricity meter neatly separates the individual vehicles from the rest of the electricity consumption in the house. Since each parking space has its own wallbox, the drivers* receive a monthly invoice for their respective consumption.  

Can there be grid overload if several electric cars are charging at the same time? No, because our intelligent load management allows us to check exactly how much electricity is currently being used in the building and how much power is left over for charging the vehicles. At Mer, we take care of everything: the initial planning and installation of the wallboxes, the operation of the stations, the electricity supply and the monthly billing with the tenants.

eeApartment is ideally suited for housing cooperatives, property management companies, owner associations and housing companies looking for a uniform charging solution for their properties. When equipping 50 or 100 parking spaces, the administrative effort remains as low as possible. Even for the supra-regional equipment of apartment buildings, eeApartment is an efficient solution, because everything comes from a single source.

Unlike other providers, we are electricity producers ourselves and supply clean green electricity from wind and hydro power. We can guarantee this, because our parent company Statkraft is the largest producer of renewable energy in the whole of Europe. With eeApartment, we are creating an innovative mobility solution for multi-apartment buildings that meets our ecological demands today and tomorrow.

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