eeFlatNeo - the holistic charging solution for charging your electric car at home, at your location and on the road at over 140,000 charging points across Europe. This is how you go the way of the energy and traffic turnaround with us - personally, realistically and holistically. We create the infrastructure for your vehicle fleet. The future, where you need it. Safety where you want it.

The complete package for electric company cars: With the eeFlat electric cars can all over Downloaded become. Whether in your own garage, at the company site or at over 140.000 charging points across Europe – we create the infrastructure for your vehicle fleet.  

eeFlat is a holistic solution for electric company cars that is simple and straightforward for everyone involved. Discover the efficient and resource-saving charging system.Solution of Mer, which can be easily integrated into the daily routine of the employees: 

  • Company car drivers can use their electric car convenient charging at homeOur smart meter gateway ensures intelligent control of the charging process. The electricity only flows when the grid has a low load and the electricity consumption allows it.   
  • We take care of the Charging infrastructure in the garageThe service provider takes care of the installation of the wallbox as well as the complete service and maintenance. Everything is included in the fixed monthly price - even the employee's electricity. A secondary meter calculates the electricity costs independently of private electricity consumption.   
  • The electric car can be charged not only at home, but also at work and at 70,000 charging stations across Europe. All the driver needs is the Mer App and the charging card 
  • Invoicing is carried out in fleet leasing logic: Mer offers you predictable, transparent costs through a fixed monthly fee. This flat rate depends on mileage, contract period and vehicle model.  
  • Due to commercial conditions, you profit from an outstanding Value for money with double tax benefits. We will be happy to explain in detail how this works. 

At Mer set we at 100 percent green electricity from wind and water powerto pave the way for a sustainable mobility and energy transition. clear. With our eeFlat want we meaningful changes in the present effect, um shared Shaping a sustainable future. Become a part of it now! 

Me(h)r billing options

  • Lump-sum settlement

    • All services (installation, infrastructure, operation, energy) combined in one monthly flat rate

    • Billing depending on car model, battery size/normal consumption and annual mileage

    • Excess/shortfall mileage billing at the end of the contract
    • Leasing billing logic analogous to the vehicle - a constant, monthly flat rate over the leasing period. No variable costs.
  • Consumption-based billing according to kWh
    • Flat rate for installation, infrastructure and operation + Consumption-based billing of energy at home/on the road/if applicable at company site
    • Greater consumption transparency for the vehicle fleet
    • Contract term independent of leasing contract, coupling with car subscriptions possible
    • Visibly lower energy price than home electricity rebate models
    • Add-On: eeFlat Privat with kWh billing

Smart Charging at Mer - The principle of eeFlatNeo

The idea behind our smart charging is to shift charging operations to times of lower grid utilization. The additional load on power grids caused by the increasing number of electric cars in Germany is a much-discussed topic. With our home charging solution eeFlatNeo, we offer the right product for precisely this challenge. By default, we charge your car at night, when the electricity demand of industry and households is hardly any more. You still retain the option of immediate charging: simply by pressing a button in our app.

eeFlat for your employees: It's that simple

  1. When ordering the company vehicle, tell us the desired vehicle model, the annual mileage and the driver data.  
  2. Before the vehicle is delivered, we install the wallbox at the employee's residence and take care of the charging infrastructure. We guarantee that everything works well. 
  3. After handing over the vehicle, the employee receives the charging card and access to our app. The home charging solution is activated.  

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