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We take care of the entire process for charging stations at your location, whether it's a wallbox, charging station or fast charger. With eeCharging, we offer you a scalable and future-proof solution. This makes the changeover to electromobility quick, efficient and effortless.

By setting up charging stations for electric cars, many companies are already using a forward-looking technology and making an important contribution to the environment. With our solution eeCharging we are working with companies to think holistically about the energy and transport transition. 

The conversion does present some challenges, but don't worry: We take care of the complete planning, installation and operation of the charging stations. At Mer, we rely on simple solutions to keep the effort for our customers as low as possible.

eeCharging for your company 

  • We enable a Resource-saving and cost-efficient installation of the charging stations. Our many years of experience help us to coordinate how the electricity quantities are to be distributed and how many kW are to be kept available per vehicle. 
  • Depending on the company location and driver preferences, we supply the desired hardware, from Wallboxes through load columns to fast chargers. We only provide you with hardware that meets market standards so that you can remain independent in the long term. remain from the operator.
  • After the installation optimizes a smart load management the charging processes in such a way that the charging quantities are distributed as sensibly as possible among all electric vehicles. This is done with green electricity from wind and hydroelectric power, and all charging processes are also completely CO2-neutral. 
  • Our motto is: "We do it". Therefore we take over the technical operation of the charging stations (remote monitoring, fault clearance management, maintenance, service hotline) as well as driver and access card management. Each driver receives his own access card with the corresponding authorization. 
  • We do the monthly billing according to your preferences. With us you have full cost transparency through regular reporting. This allows you to see how often a vehicle charges on average at a specific location. These insights also facilitate future planning and enable private billing with employees.  

eeCharging: The first steps

  1. Our experts will look at the conditions on site to discuss the installation and equipment of the charging points as well as the cable routes with you.  
  2. The installation of the charging columns takes over either our trained team or, if desired, the customer himself.  
  3. The charging stations can then be put into operation directly and invoiced on a monthly basis. 


Getting started earlier also lays the foundation for a charging solution that is scalable and reliable for years to come. Rise You now on eeCharging and create in your company the foundation for change. At Mer, the color blue is symbolic of water, sky, and appreciation for our blue planet. Let us protect this planet together 

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