Good news for fleet managers

Your company will be entitled to attractive bonuses through trading in the GHG quota for fully electric company cars.

The greenhouse gas reduction quota (GHG quota for short) is a target instrument for mineral oil companies to reduce CO2 emissions. GHG quota trading in turn means the possibility of selling saved CO2 emissions from electric cars to mineral oil companies.

GHG quota with Mer

  • Mer offers GHG quota trading as an all-inclusive service for you
  • You submit the vehicle registration documents of your BEV service vehicles to Mer via a digital tool
  • You receive a percentage of the total revenue from GHG quota trading per BEV


Your advantages

  • Cashback per vehicle and year*.
  • Bundled fleet potential of our customers and partner companies enables revenues above market level
  • Online GHG portal
  • Transparent calculation
  • No additional effort for the fleet
  • Experienced partner from the electricity market



Please contact your Mer account manager for the contractual agreement.

You will then receive an invitation to the digital THG Portal and have the option of (collectively) uploading your vehicle registration documents.

  • Digital upload tool GHG Portal
  • Collective upload of vehicle documents
  • Automatic readout of the data from JPEG or PDF
  • Overview of submitted vehicle registration documents with status display

*Payment in the following year. The revenues cannot be planned, as the individual components are volatile (e.g. market price GHG quota). The respective revenue and the breakdown of this will be transparently presented to you upon receipt.