Online-Seminar: Design of the e-Car Policy - Approaches and regulations in practice

In the 17th edition of our online seminar series "Designing the e-Car Policy: Approaches and regulations in practice", our Key Account Manager Makus Maier and Prof. Dr. Roland Vogt discuss the question of which essential contents an e-Car Policy should contain and which regulations prove to be useful. What you will learn in our online seminar: Which variants [...]

Online-Seminar: Why a sales partnership with experts for charging solutions makes sense

In the 16th edition of our online seminar series: "Why a sales partnership with experts in charging solutions makes sense", our partner manager Michel von Reeken gives providers of mobility related services for the corporate vehicle fleet an understanding of why and for whom a partnership is worthwhile and what it can look like. What you will learn in our webinar: For whom eeMobility is the right partner [...]

Online-Seminar: real, new, moving: Jungle Home Shop - which solution fits my fleet?

What should a company pay attention to, which products are available on the market and which ones make sense for my fleet? In the 15th part of our online seminar series, we look specifically at the topic of home shopping in connection with fleet solutions. Speaker: Felix Deitert, B2B Sales Consultant Date: 22.10.2020 Time: 15:00 - 16:00 The registration will be [...]