We are taking the path of true mobility and energy transition 

In the coming years, electromobility will establish itself as the dominant technology in the transport sector - in the city, in the countryside, in long-distance transport, in e-car sharing and even in freight transport. But it is only by linking electromobility with the world of renewable energies that we will be able to achieve mobility that is sustainable without limits and that can meet our ecological and economic demands today and in the future. To do this, we need to ensure that this growing number of electric cars are not charged with grey electricity. 

We are sustainable by nature

Mer Solutions GmbH is an electricity supplier in Germany and guarantees the use of 100 % green electricity - tested by TÜV SÜD.

We supply our charging stations with 100 % green electricity. But even if you charge with Mer in the public grid, we ensure sustainable energy by acquiring CO2 certificates and guarantees of origin for electricity from renewable sources. All charging with us is therefore CO2 neutral - and TÜV-Süd certified. 

me(h)r experience. 

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Green was yesterday - we make blue

At Mer, we want to raise awareness that electric driving is only truly sustainable and environmentally friendly if the electricity comes from renewable sources. That's why we charge our company car fleets with green electricity - and we know exactly where that electricity comes from.


All electricity suppliers in Germany are required by law to disclose the composition of the electricity they have used to supply end customers. The quantity is broken down according to the individual energy sources. This disclosure of the energy source mix and the environmental impact of electricity production is called electricity labelling.

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