More(h)r freedom: individual mobility thanks to eCarsharing  

More(h)r freedom without your own car?


What was considered unthinkable years ago is now increasingly lived reality. Instead of worrying about insurance, maintenance or running a car, many people only want to use a car when they really need it. Why?

It's simply more convenient and saves time and nerves. No visits to the workshop. No changing winter and summer tyres. No TÜV. No oil change. Instead, maximum individuality: whether for a weekend shopping trip, a spontaneous visit to grandma and grandpa or a trip to the lake.

If you combine the idea of sharing with Mer electromobility, the environment is doubly pleased. Firstly, the electricity at the Mer charging stations comes 100 % from renewable energies. Secondly, eCarsharing contributes to fewer cars on our roads overall. So in the future, cars will occupy less public space that can be used for other purposes. For parks, for sports fields, for recreational oases ... Without having to restrict our mobility needs.

You want to use Mer-eCarsharing privately as a customer? 

Register easily online 

  1. Enter data in registration mask.
  2. Check the "Verify via video verification" box.
  3. Click on the link in the confirmation email to start the video call.
  4. Show ID and driver's license.
  5. Book your vehicle immediately via the Flinkster app and drive off. You will receive your customer card by post a few days later.
Opel Corsa-e
Renault ZOE
Smart EQ
Opel Ampera
Nissan Leaf 2
BMW i3
Tesla Model X


Log in via smartphone or from your PC here in. Here you can check online availability and book your desired vehicle for the desired period.


The electric car is ready for use at the eCarsharing location, it can be opened electronically with the customer card or smartphone and the journey begins. Silent, without exhaust fumes, ecological and environmentally friendly.

eCarsharing Support Hotline 0800 / 392 534 624

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