Become an e-Carsharing user

eCarsharing Nutzer werden

More freedom without your own car?


When you combine the sharing idea with Mer electromobility, the environment is doubly pleased.

For one thing, the electricity at the Mer charging stations comes 100% from renewable sources. For another, e-car sharing helps reduce the number of cars on our roads.

I. Register

1. Enter the data in the login mask.

2. Select the "Verify by video" check box.

3. Click the link in the confirmation email to start the video call.

4. Show your ID card and driver´s license.

5. Book your vehicle immediately via the Flinkster app and drive off. You will receive your customer card by mail a few days later.

II. Book

Log in via smartphone or from your PC. You can check availability online and book your desired vehicle for the desired period.

eCarsharing Support Hotline 0800 / 392 534 624




III. Drive off

The electric car is ready at the eCarsharing location, it can be opened electronically with the customer card or smartphone and the journey begins. Silent, without exhaust fumes, ecological and environmentally friendly.