Me(h)r attractiveness: electromobility in a municipal context

Basically, our world is governed by mayors. In the municipalities and communities, social ideas have to prove their credentials. They have to show which solutions are already working well and where they still need to be improved. This applies to social, cultural and infrastructural issues as well as to the transport sector and electromobility.

For municipalities, electromobility offers the opportunity to address several important issues of the future at the same time:

How does all this work together? With sustainable mobility offers in a municipality - such as e-car sharing - tourists can travel sustainably by train in the future without having to do without individual CO2-free mobility on site. For citizens of a municipality, smart eCarsharing offers create the option of foregoing the purchase of a second or third car. 

The vision of a new community worth living in thus emerges from the interactions of the individual measures. Fewer cars mean less traffic, less noise and - by eliminating previously needed parking space - more space in the village. In this way, electromobility paves the way for the transformation of communal spaces that can henceforth be filled with new projects. And by reducing emissions, electromobile communities are not only more sustainable, but also healthier.

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