Mer experience for the operation of your charging infrastructure

What do charging stations at your company, a large fast-charging park or the wallbox at the town square have in common? Your users don’t care how complex the processes are behind all these differently scaled charging options. They just need to work and be intuitive to use. That’s exactly what Mer takes care of.

As an experienced Charge Point Operator (CPO) with our own charging network of more than 1,000 charging points, we can also assist you as an operator of your charging infrastructure or as a partner.

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More possibilities

  • We guarantee the uptime of your charging stations, operation in compliance with calibration regulations, and the future-proof of your charging infrastructure.
  • We enable roaming by integrating other providers into your charging infrastructure, unlocking added value for you.
  • We ensure smooth billing for the driver and the partner.
  • We integrate you into our operating ecosystem including our own charging app.
  • Manage your charging infrastructure via our self-service portal and keep an eye on all activities via the live dashboard….
  • We take care of the support for the end customer and for you.

This is how it works

Configure individual solutions for your charging infrastructure from our operating variants and choose from our additional options!

Mer Full Service Operation

You can’t decide or don’t want to think about different variants of operation? Then choose Mer Full Service Operation and enjoy all the advantages of the individual variants in one all-round carefree package.

Optional: Mer Self-Service-Portal Access

Keep an overview with the Mer self-service portal access

  • Transparent visualization of all your own charging stations
  • Analysis & evaluation of charging processes

Optional: Mer THG quota

Mer Germany as quota filler bundles and trades the quotas

  • With bundled trading volume Mer Germany achieves best prices on the quota markets
  • No effort for customers
  • Additional and constant refund per kWh

Optional: Mer load management

You only have limited power available for your charging stations? Load management is the solution.

  • Power control of the charging points using an intelligent internal or external load management system.
  • Integration of different generators and consumers
  • Avoidance of load peaks through intelligent distribution of the available charging power