Working at Mer

Me(h)r Electromobility. Me(h)r Renewable Energies. More future. Me(h)r life. 


In Future electromobility will not only play a key role in the mobility sector, but will also significantly to the 100 per centn Switch to Renewable energies and dhe success of the energy transition in Europe contribute. 


At Mer we combine the best this both worlds - electromobility and Renewable energyrgies.


Me(h)r life.

With our work in two dynamic growth markets, we are committed to an economic and ecological transformation that will also enable future generations to live together in a way that is worth living. 


Me(h)r Future.

The Mer Group is an international pan-European Company. In Germany acts Mer to three different Locations with different Topicsfocus areas.  

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Our job offers

Head of Marketing (m/f/d) in Munich or Teisnach
Customer service employee (m/f/d) in Munich
Product Manager E-Mobility (m/f/d) in Munich
Working Student Purchasing (m/f/d), Munich
Working Student Operations Electromobility (m/f/d), Munich
Working student (m/f/d) in Teisnach, Technology Campus
Internal Sales Representative (m/f/d) in Teisnach, Technologiecampus
Frontend Developer (m/f/d) in Munich
Tariff & Roaming Manager (m/f/d) in Teisnach, Technologiecampus
IT Specialist (m/f/d) in Teisnach or Munich
Internal Sales Representative (m/f/d) in Munich or Düsseldorf
Accounting clerk (m/f/d) in Teisnach, Technologiecampus
Commercial Administrator Electromobility (m/f/d) in Munich
Working Student/ Intern Project Management Electromobility (m/f/d) in Munich/ Düsseldorf
Working Student/ Intern Energy Management (m/f/d) in Munich
Master electrician (m/f/d) in Teisnach, Technology Campus
Working Student Finance (m/f/d) in Munich
Employee Customer Care (m/f/d) in Munich
Business Controller (m/f/d) in Munich
Working Student Business Development (m/f/d) Electromobility in Munich
Metering point operation clerk (m/f/d) in Munich
Head of Finance and Controlling (m/f/d) in Teisnach, Technologiecampus
Senior Account Manager Electromobility B2B (m/f/d) in Teisnach, Technologiecampus
Project Manager Electromobility Home Charging Infrastructure (m/f/d) in Munich
Product Manager Product & Solutions (m/f/d) in Teisnach, Technology Campus
Technician for the operation of charging stations (m/f/d) in Teisnach, Technologiecampus
Project Manager Plan and Build (m/f/d) in Teisnach, Munich or Düsseldorf
Junior Controller (m/f/d) in Teisnach, Technology Campus
Working Student Sales (m/f/d) in Munich

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