More(h)r advantages at your location

Electromobility opens up new customer potential for companies, municipalities and public utilities, which they can fully tap into with sustainable charging solutions from Mer. And exactly the way you need and want it at your location.

Become a location partner of Mer

Mer offers you 

  • Site analysis, project planning, development, construction and Operation of the charging infrastructure entirely at Mer's expense or with a participation model.
  • Demand-driven charging infrastructure solutions to fit your location.
  • You are involved in the planning as a site partner and develop your site together with us.
What you bring
  • You have a high-traffic, 24-hour accessible location with heavy traffic and opportunities for shopping and/or restaurants.
  • They allow us to use the site for the long term.
Mer competitive advantages as a location partner:
  • higher location quality for tradesmen and companies
  • greater customer satisfaction and longer dwell time
  • Municipal utilities open up new sales channels for their energy products
  • Municipalities take the risk-free path to the mobility future
  • You and your customers have access to innovative and future-proof fast-charging infrastructure
  • You are prepared for the increasing demand for charging stations and thus retain your customers in the long term 

The ball's in your court!

In our monthly newsletter, we inform you about the current possibilities of electromobility, technical backgrounds and special offers from mer Deutschland.