When parking and charging become one

Parking? Is a pretty important thing for cars, because after all, that's what vehicles do the most. No wonder the struggle for parking space as a resource costs a lot of time and nerves. And now, with the switch to e-mobility, parking and charging are supposed to grow together as well. How will it all work? Mer knows the answers.


"We are making sure to use charging infrastructure as efficiently as possible in the future"

The Munich-based company ParkHere has developed a software-based solution to efficiently manage parking spaces and accommodate up to 1.9 vehicles per parking space with the same number of parking spaces. In the area of charging infrastructure, the potential is even higher. The system can supply between 10 and 20 vehicles per charging point. We spoke with Product Owner Dennis Schneider and Marketing Manager Felix Bopf from ParkHere about efficient parking and charging.


eeApartment - Inhouse loading for the housing industry

With eeApartment, we have developed a charging solution specifically for the housing industry. Including dynamic load management, separate charging current billing via a second meter and the green electricity guarantee from Mer.


Sharing is ecological caring

We give 7 reasons why sharing charging infrastructure and parking spaces is worthwhile. Sharing models with parking space guarantees make it possible to park almost twice the number of cars per

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