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In the coming years, electromobility will establish itself as the dominant technology in the transport sector - in the city, in the countryside, in long-distance transport, in e-car sharing and even in freight transport. But it is only by linking electromobility with the world of renewable energies that we will be able to achieve mobility that is sustainable without limits and that can meet our ecological and economic demands today and in the future. This is precisely what Mer stands for. 

As the leading electromobility company in Europe, we develop green charging and infrastructure solutions for our customers for every location and every application: public charging infrastructure, charging infrastructure for companies, complete EV solutions for home and on the road - powered by 100 percent renewable energy.  

Thanks to our years of experience in the field of electromobility, we are able to transform complex charging and energy processes into solutions that feel simple and right for the customer - and are easy to use. 

The driving force behind Mer is Statkraft, Europe's largest producer of renewable energy. In the Mer Group, we combine the strategic and technical expertise of various European electromobility companies under one roof. These include:


Mer Germany GmbH -

Mer Germany, which emerged from E-WALD GmbH, is one of the leading German system service providers with a scalable, interlocking modular portfolio for electromobility. Mer Germany's services include the project planning and operation of public, semi-public and private charging infrastructure as well as the design and implementation of EV concepts such as individual mobility and sharing models for companies, municipalities or public utilities. The company offers its customers innovative solutions for billing, roaming and load management. Mer Germany is expanding its own high-performance charging network at Tank & Rast service stations. In addition, the company is active as an operator of its own eCarsharing fleet.

Otto Loserth, Managing Director Mer Germany GmbH
Anton Achatz, Managing Director Mer Germany GmbH

Mer Solutions GmbH -

formerly eeMobility - has been offering holistic solutions for companies in the electrification of company car fleets since 2015. These include complete solutions that enable drivers to charge at home, on company premises and at public charging points. With its know-how in the field of grid-optimized charging, Mer Solutions also enables the rapid expansion of electromobility without expensive grid expansion and more efficient use of renewable energies.

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Günter Fuhrmann, Managing Director Mer Solutions GmbH

Mer Norway AS -

Founded in 2009 as Grønn Kontakt, Mer Norway is one of the leading charging operators in Norway. During this time, Mer Norway has established well over 260 fast charging stations throughout Norway, one of the electromobility pioneers in Europe. In addition to the nationwide charging system, Mer Norway also offers smart charging solutions for housing cooperatives or companies.


Mer Sweden AB -

Mer Sweden emerged from the Swedish Grön Kontakt AB. Thanks to the transfer of extensive experience and knowledge from the Norwegian market, Mer Sweden was able to quickly establish itself in a dynamically growing market with its intelligent charging solutions. In February 2021, the Mer Sweden offering was complemented by the acquisition of 51 percent of Bee Charging Solutions. Subject to the pending approval of the transaction, this will create one of the largest charging network operators in Sweden.


Mer UK -

Mer UK grew out of Gronn Kontakt UK and was founded in March 2020. The company offers charging for public and commercial electric vehicles and operates in the UK and England with the aim of making the switch to electric mobility as sustainable as possible through the use of charging electricity from renewable energies.


Statkraft -

The Mer Group is owned by Statkraft. The company has 125 years of experience as a producer of renewable energy. The economic and environmental transformation towards 100 percent renewable energy in Europe is currently being shaped by more than 4,000 Statkraft employees in 17 countries. Among other things, Statkraft supplies renewable energy to the charging stations of Mer Norway and Mer Sweden to reduce CO2 emissions and accelerate the transition to electric mobility for a sustainable future.

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