At Mer, we are looking at how to make charging electric cars efficient and resource-friendly, combining the best of both worlds - the expansion of electromobility with the expansion of renewable energies; for real energy security.

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Mer Solutions

Since 2015, Mer Solutions offers holistic solutions for companies at the Electrification of company car fleets. With its know-how in the field of grid-optimized charging, Mer Solutions also enables a Rapid expansion of electromobility without expensive grid expansion and a more efficient use of renewable energies.

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Mer Germany

Mer Germany has a Scalable, interlocking modular portfolio for electromobility. Mer Germany's services include the project planning and operation of public and semi-public charging infrastructure as well as the design and implementation of EV concepts, such as Individual mobility and sharing models for companies, municipalities or public utilities.

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No matter what requirements you have for electromobility as a fleet manager, facility manager, municipality, public utility or company: Based on your individual requirements, we determine exactly the solution that suits you.




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With Mer Solutions, you get smart charging solutions for charging at home, at the business site and on the road.


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Mer Germany supports you in expanding your public charging infrastructure.


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Günter Fuhrmann

CEO, Mer Solutions GmbH

Anton Achatz

CEO, Mer Germany GmbH

Otto Loserth

CEO, Mer Germany GmbH

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